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New England Mutisport Expo

March 31, 2007

New England Multisport Exp

March 25, 2007

Cambridge, MA


Episode One – SSWWTri 2007

March 26, 2007

I participated in my first Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon this weekend. For full details on the event, check here. The event pools together veteren and budding triathletes from around the world to compete during the same weekend, on courses around the world and share their experiences.


Here are my results:

Swim: 1500m, Time: N/A

Bike: 17 miles, 1:05

Run: 3 miles, 26 minutes


week 3

March 21, 2007

Sunday: 6.5 mile run – 1:07 – 155 avg bpm – A little walking to pick up some water along the way, and tend to the blister on my foot..(pretty slow, but was a nice LSD workout)

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 2000 meters in the pool – 500 warm up, 10×100 on the 2:00, 500 cool down

Wednesday 3.8 mile run – 34 minutes – 9min/mile – 162 avg bpm

Thursday: OFF

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: A mix of Snow/St. Paddy’s Day celebrations/ Afternoon in the Emergency room kept me from working out for a few days.

I know… BAD TRIATHLETE! (hitting myself on the of the hand). I can’t spare too many more days like that if I’m going to be in good enough shape for Mooseman, so this week I’ve gotta get right back on the horse… or bike…


Hello spring, Hello asphalt

March 11, 2007

So today was my first day of the year detaching the bike from the trainer, tossing on a fresh rear wheel and hitting the asphalt with a nice casual 17 mile ride through downtown Bean town. The stop lights and traffic sure killed my average MPH (keeping me down to around 13.5), but it was just good to to hit the road again and off of the trainer.

Check out a map of my route:


Week 2

March 9, 2007

Today I’ve finished up my second full week of triathlon training and I’ve been pretty proud of myself for keeping on track and sticking to my general workout plan.

I know that the “TV” element of SBR TV is still missing, but I will promise to post the first official video episode this weekend to chronicle how the first few weeks of tri training has been going.

But for now, I am sleepy and the cold weather in Boston has given me a stuffy nose so it is time to sleep.