Spring time in Tri-land

April 22, 2007

Originally uploaded by Bidulos.
Bad news: I was in a little car accident on Thursday and the car is out of commission for a few more days until the body shop can set her back to normal. Fortunately, everyone is okay.

Good news: Immediately after the accident, the clouds parted and suddenly it was spring time in Boston. The week-long streak of rain that we had been getting faded away and before I knew it, it was 70 degrees outside.

It was a great opportunity to use my bike to make the 11 mile trek to work, and get some training done during the commute. I have not been able to get too much time on the road this spring, but losingn access to a car did help jump start that.

I kept it down to under 15 avg mph ( I didn’t want to be the stinky guy at work, but just wanted to spin the legs for a while). It was actually really fun explaining to all my co-workers that i really did use the bike parked in the corner of my cube to make the 11 mile trek to work. I guess that is a pretty huge distance for non-triathletes, haha.

Pumping out 40 miles into two days when my legs are so used the the trainer has made me SORE! I went down to Fanieul Hall in downtown Boston to visit some college friends and I felt so old. I had to sit down most of t he time just because standing for too long was so painful.

I’ve been very fearful that I am not going to be fully prepared for Mooseman in just over a month, and that the workouts that I’ve been doing have not been at a hard enough intensity, but I gues we’ll find out soon enough!


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