Brokedown Triathlete

April 24, 2007

Sad Triathlete

First, my car breaks and will be out of commission for another week…

Then, I decide to suck it up take the bike to work for a few days to get some training in while commuting. Judging by the soreness in my quads, it was doing a pretty good job for my training, but not so great when I flat on my last tube 7 miles from home. Thankfully, my kick-ass girlfriend saved me from the side of the road and brought me home. 🙂

So a note to all you tri-studs out there. a patch kit and a bike pump will only get you so far! Now that my only two modes of transportation broke-down… I’ve gotta head to the LBS tomorrow and pick up some new tubes and better tires. Maybe some nice kevlar to keep me rolling..

Its been a rough few days, but hey, at least the pool is still open and I’ve got some great running weather, right?!



  1. Hang in there Jamie! Cars can be fixed and tubes can be replaced. I now carry a spare tube in my bag after getting two flats in two weeks with the new bike. Now that I carry a tube… no flats!

    My pool was back open this week… finally!

  2. I’m trying John! I’ve got a new set of tires, so hopefully they’ll prove much better at keeping anything pointy out of my wheels, but I think I was a little too rough trying to squeeze the tire back on the wheel last night and popped the tube in the process.

    That hissing was that LAST thing I wanted to hear after wrestling with my wheel and tire with tire levers for a good half hour (Plus I was watching American Idol, so that slowed the process).

    Oh well, time to head to the LBS again and restock my saddle bag with another extra tube!

  3. Just think of how much this cycling is going to help you kick a$$ at Mooseman…

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