Chilly Willy Wetsuit Trial

May 6, 2007

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I head to West Hill Pond in New Hartford, CT to test out the wetsuit that I just got in the mail from wetsuitrental.com.

The water was pretty chilly at just under 60 degrees, and just about turned my hands and feet blue, but I still had fun flopping around for the first time in a wetsuit. Man that thing helps you float and stay warm!



  1. Jamie, Great suite… that looked coooold! Did you buy it or is that one of the rentals?

  2. Damn spell check… I meant suit as in wetsuit… never mind! I hope Newfound Lake is warmer too!

  3. The suit is just a rental I’ve got for the next few weeks. I got it through wetsuitrental.com. I was a little worried it wouldnt fit right, but it worked out great.

    The water was SO cold, but thankfully only my hands and feet felt the pain. As long as we have a few sunny days to warm up the surface of Newfound Lake past 60 degrees…, thats all I ask for.

  4. I haven’t received mine yet I rented it on 04/15. Did you have to ask for it early?

  5. Yup, they said could fudge on the race day by a bit to get an extra week or two out of it. They called to verify my address on wednesday, it was at my front door on friday. You should be getting it pretty soon.

  6. A few of us from the forums at BeginnerTriathlete.com are going to Walden Pond for a swim/bike brick on Saturday morning around 9:00. It’ll be both my first open water swim and the first swim in my new wetsuit. This… should be interesting. heh.
    If you want to join us, shoot me an email and I’ll get you the details.

  7. Awesome. Most of my tri-team will be heading up to NH for a training weekend so I might join up. Maybe i’ll see some familiar faces. I used to be pretty active on BT.com back in the day.

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