Why I fell in love with Triathlon

May 19, 2007










Triathlon Start

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I stumbled on this post from CindyJo this morning about why she has switched from doing “stand-alone” running events to triathlon.

Sure, there is this “purity” to running where it is just you and the road. No expensive gear, nothing complicated. It is just you, your watch, and a few hundred other runner competing on the same course against the same clock. It is that purity of the sport that made me fall in love with it in my younger years, but it just wasn’t enough to keep me interested enough to stick with the sport.

Sure, triathlon can be hella expensive, and has forced me to be very focused on sticking to a strict budget just to keep myself going in to tri-debt, but the constant juggling of running, biking, swimming, bricks, practicing my transitions, doing core workouts, cool new gear, the great tri communities out there, and everything else in between keeps me constantly on my toes. Just getting to the point where you are confident enough to toe the line of your first triathlon is far more of a challenge than most stand-alone running events.

So for all you runners out there who are getting a little bored, want some excitement in your workouts, and are up for a new challenge, check out triathlon. Heck, I’ve only done one so far (but it seems like much more considering how much training I’ve done on and off) and I’m absolutely hooked.



  1. You gotta be a beast to perform in a triathlon. Amazing!

  2. Haha, i’m not sure what definition of “beast” you are using but I guess I’ll take it as a compliment.

    Side Note: I don’t think anyone should ever get discouraged from training for a tri if they are not a “beast”. I’ve seen all shapes and sizes out there training, and each having just as much fun as the next.

  3. The workout notes on my training plan from last week said, “By now you should be turning into an endurance beast.” lol… I thought it was the funniest thing.

  4. Haha, thats hilarious. Where did you get your training plan? I’ve just been making it up as I go along so far, but know that I could be in a lot better shape if i followed a plan. I want to have a more solid schedule when i do the Cranberry Oly later this year.

  5. My ‘A’ goal race this year is the Patriot Half. After careful consideration, I decided to follow the 20 Week Beginner 1/2 IM plan from BT. Both my friend and I have been on it for a few months. Just having *something* there to tell you you’re supposed to get out and do 45 easy minutes on the bike and then a 30 minute run with strides, even on days you don’t really want to, makes it quite a bit easier to actually get the training in rather than put if off.

    So far, I’ve found it to be an extremely well thought out plan for something that’s free. The way easy/hard days, workout frequency and rest are pieced together have really taught me something about the proper way to train. Plus, I’ve seen myself do some intense weeks of training that I never would have thought I was capable of if I was planning it myself.

    But, I’ve also learned to be flexible with it. It wasn’t designed for me, specifically. And it doesn’t change when things come up. I try not to beat myself up for missing a workout here and there, or cutting something short if I’m feeling tired.

    I’d recommend checking it out. At the very least, you might get some good ideas from it.


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