Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2007





Good morning tri studs!I’m lucky enough to have a very short day of work today because of the holiday weekend, and am heading down to Cape Cod to catch up with some old college friends, which is always a good time. Don’t worry, I’ve packed away my running shoes, wetsuit and a tube or two of nuun (I’ll probably refill at the LBS before I leave to ensure I’m properly supplied).

So no posting this weekend, but I should have some good pics to share early next week. THEN, it is taper time! Only one week till I’m packing up to head to New Hampshire for my first OLY! I’m pretty psyched. I’m slightly worried about the hills, but that seems pretty standard from all the other tri-bloggers I’ve been stalking who are doing Mooseman. But I’ll check back in next week and post some of my goals that I’ve set for myself for the race.

Have a good weekend everyone, and be safe out there on the roads!

Side Note: I’ve been tweaking my video settings and figured out how to make all my videos iPod compatable, so if you are one of the two people who subscribe to them through iTunes, you can take them with you on your iPod. It doesn’t work yet for all past videos, but should work just fine for all my future vids. Just be sure to use the new feed linked through the green itunes button on the right. —————–>



  1. I’ll hitting the training hard tomorrow too to prep for the moose. Have fun on the Cape!

    Nuun for the win!

  2. Should be a good weekend for training. Just make sure you ease off after Monday so that you don’t wear yourself out for the race. Training a lot is not likely to change your fitness this week, but you can hurt your race by going in sore from a hard week.

    I’ll be there cheering everyone on Sat. and then racing Sunday, good luck in your race!

  3. Thanks Guys. I’m planning on doing just a few easy run or swim workouts next week just to keep the blood flowing, but I’m not going to push myself at all. All zone 1. Maybe practicing my transitions too.

  4. Looks like a great weekend to be on the Cape. Have a good taper week… take it slow.

    I just got my wetsuit last night. I opened the box, held up the wetsuit and said no way am I going to fit into this. I checked the sizing chart again… its the right size. After some grunting and groaning I was able to get into it. I’ll need to pick up some body glide. One more week… I can’t wait!!!!

  5. Awesome weekend on the Cape. Two easy open water swims in the bay, and a easy 2 miles this morning to streach out the legs. My hamstrings/hips have been feeling pretty sore lately, so resting this week will be key.

    I’m heading to get a bike fit tomorrow, I’ll blog my reactions later.

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