Mooseman Podcast

June 1, 2007

Sunset on Newfound Lake

I spotted this audio podcast on the MoosemanTri website. It is a really good listen that I wanted to share with everyone out there.

It has reminded me of a lot of the reasons I was so drawn to this race in the first place.

  • Early season race = no one takes it too seriously since it is no one’s A Race = More like summer camp.
  • Bonfires
  • Live Music
  • Crazy guy dressed as devil(a la Tour de France) cheering on participants on “Devil Hill”
  • Gorgous Scenery

Update: So it doesn’t look like WordPress will allow me to put the MoosemanTri Podcast here in a flash player, but you can just go HERE to listen to it.



  1. Jamie… Great job on the race! It was cool running into you and your girlfriend. Looking forward to the report. Nice pictures!

  2. It was good meeting you and your family too John! You caught me off guard on the bike though! Haha. All the pictures (at least the good ones) are courtesey of Sam, so I can’t take credit, haha. She has become quite the race photographer.

    I’m not sure if it is worth making a “video diary” style race report, but we’ll see. I’ll definitely try to have something up this week.

  3. I must admit… that bike course kicked my butt!

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