Mooseman Prep

June 1, 2007

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It is Thursday morning, two days before my first olympic triathlon, and i’m PSYCHED.

I’ve been following a hand full of other bloggers out there who are getting ready for this Saturday’s race, and I think I’ve been feeding off of their energy, especially Chris, John and Kim.

I have had trouble focusing on anything else but the race this week, and I’ll be busy packing and double and triple checking my bags tonight before heading up north tomorrow morning.

I made rough predictions on my times for each leg, but I’m not going to be too worried if I don’t make ’em. I’m more focused on just finishing and having fun since this is my first Oly and I’m not quite sure what to expect. (times include transition)

.9 mile swim: 32:00

27.25 mile bike: 1:35:00

6.2 mile run: 52:00

Total: 2:59:00

So, if I make it across that line in less than three hours, I’ll be REALLY proud of myself, but if not, oh well. I think 3 hours is a pretty big reach given some of the times that I’ve been putting out lately.

See you kids this weekend! Be sure to say hi if you spot me and I’ll be looking out for all 10 of you SBR TV viewers out there to cheer you on!




  1. Oh boy… I’m so psyched! I’m just going through my checklist tonight and making sure all my gear is packed and good to go!

    I’ve had race morning running through my head all day. The walk to the start while the sun is still finding it’s way into the sky, the national anthem, and the mad rush of the first swim wave into the water to kick it all off. I can hardly wait.

    I’ll definitely say hi if I see you.

  2. It’s going to be a great race and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Have a save trip up there and good luck!

  3. This is the energy I am talking about. I participated in my first tri in Austin, Tx and it got cancelled. We were all bummed out and i’ve looking for motivation to keep tri’ing!

  4. i’m crapping my pants

  5. No worries Kim! You’ll do amazing. I’ll cheer you on as you blaze by me on the run.

  6. Hey, good job! It looks like you nailed the swim and bike! I’m looking forward to reading the race report… you know… once you stop aching. Are your legs are sore as mine are? lol.

    I can honestly say that was perhaps that strangest (and quickest) way to meet someone! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I was looking for you at the swim start and afterwards, but didn’t see you. We’ll meet soon, I’m sure.

  7. Thanks! I was only 4 minutes off of my projected times (3:03:18). I felt really strong on the swim and the bike, but once the run started, I started to feel the pain. I started downing some GU/Water/Gatorade and started feeling better.

    And yeah, that was the wierdest way to meet someone. haha. I was looking for you after the race, but didn’t have any luck. I’ll make a full race report later one, when walking up stairs is not as much of a chore.

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