Mooseman Results

June 5, 2007

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Hey everyone. The race this weekend went Amazing! I just barely missed my goal of 3 hours, but didn’t care. I was really happy for my first Olympic. I felt really good on the swim and the bike, but started to cramp up on the beginning of the run really bad. Nothing a few GUs, Gatorade, and Nuun can’t take care of. Next time, I’ll have to make sure I take in some more nutrition on the bike next time.

Here are my times. I’ll post a full race report later in the week. Until then, check out everyone else’s times here or Chris’ report here.

.93 Mile Swim

Place 215

Time 28:39


Time 2:46

27.25 Mile Bike

Place 293

Time: 1:31:11

Avg Speed: 17.9


Time 1:37

6.2 Mile Run

Time: 59:06

Pace: 9:31



8th in my age group! (M20-24 )

250th Male

351st Overall



  1. Jamie Thanks for your comment, I’m still talking about the race at work. We had a great time and I will definitely do that race again next year! Maybe the Half!

  2. Great job! Mooseman is a pretty tough course. So what’s next?

  3. I’ve got another sprint and Oly planned for this year, and I’ve been tossing around the idea of a Half in September… but I”m currently laying in bed icing my sore knee, so we’ll see.

  4. If it’s Firmman you’re talking about, you should do it! 🙂

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