Bum Knee = Walden Swim Tonight

June 14, 2007

I’ve been nursing a bum knee since I somehow ended up hurting it while commuting to work on my bike last Friday. It didn’t seem that bad, but when I went roaming around Harvard Square, I started limping pretty bad and new it was time to rest it.

BTW, rest is not easy! I’ve gotten so used to working out consistently and was really enjoying feeling really strong and fast… Oh well.

Anyway, my .5 mile test run this morning didn’t go so well and it looks like I still need a few more days of rest and Ibuprofen before I can do any running/biking, which brings me to my next poing.

Walden Pond swim tonight! All this non-working-out has gotten me jittery and I’ve gotta get out of the house. Swimming should be fine since it doesn’t put any pressure on my knee, and that is what seems to bother it.

I’ve got my wetsuit packed up in my trunk and am going to head over there right after work, so if anyone reads this in time, come on over and drop a comment to let me know that you are coming. I should get there sometime between 6:00 and 6:30. Hope to see a few of you folks there.



  1. Take it easy on that knee, you’ll do more damage if you try to push too hard… I’m sure you already know that. I get the same jittery feeling when I don’t work out. Sometimes my wife will say “just go workout already” when I get that way. A nice swim should take care of that.

  2. It is hard, but I’m doing the best I can. I WAS good abotu turning around in my “run” this morning after only two blocks and walking home because it started to feel tight.. I can’t wait till it gets better.

  3. I agree with John! BE CAREFUL. A little time off now SURE BEATS a longer stretch of time off later. BELIEVE ME, I know. Hold off the running for now and rest the knee. Your body will tell you when you can run again. Have a good swim at Walden. I rode 25 – 30 miles with my tri team this evening (as I do most Thursdays).

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