June 23, 2007

I’ll try and keep this post from getting too whiny, but here it goes….

It has been two weeks to the day since my knee first started hurting, I’ve been icing it and taking advil whenever it has been bothering me (which has been less and less lately). I had a pretty active Wednesday at a company party (relative to the week or so prior, not compared to my standard triathlon training) of a marathon frisbee game, tug-o-war, volleyball, a three-legged race (where I DESTROYED the competition btw) 🙂 .

Then, Thursday, I made a guest appearance on the company Softball team. Softball was never one of my strong points and have my share of embarrassing childhood memories on the little league team, but I held my own and all the while my knee never slowed me down for a second. I was cured! And just in time for the next day’s race back in my home town. That one race I’ve always wanted to do, THAT race that I would read about each year in the newspaper since before I even got started in triathlon… was this Friday! The Lake Waramaug Sprint Triathlon.

I didn’t have any expectations, and just thought it’d be a fun race to jump in on last minute. Plus, my mom has been wanting to see me race, and it helps that the house I grew up in is just 4 miles from the start line. I had all my goods packed up and layed out on the floor the night before, prepped to get out of work early and make the trek from Boston to Connecticut to make it there in time for the 6:00 start. All I needed was that last minute test run (literally) to make sure my knee was good-to-go before I layed down the cash and committed to the course.

Friday morning comes around, I slap on my running shoes (which must have gotten very lonely from the lack of attention that they’ve been getting lately) and did a quick loop around the ‘hood to make sure there are no surprises once I commit to the race course.

Everything was going swimmingly, (err… runningly?) for the first mile or so. I felt pretty tight, as expected, but nothing a little mid-workout streach session on the side of the road can’t handle. Then, (dun dun DUN!) it happened. I could feel that little tingle along the back of my right knee. I was in denial for a minute as I just tried to walk it off, and tried to convince myself that my easy +10 min/mile pace couldn’t have possibly brought back the injury that had kept me in the dog house for two weeks, but it had. It just got worse and worse, until my gait actually started getting effected and I was doing some wierd limp-run sort of thing down the road. I knew it was over.

It was really disappointing, not only just knowing that I still wasn’t ready to start hardcore training again, but that I’d have to wait another year before doing the Lake Waramaug Tri. My mom, the nurse, suggesed to start taking advil around the clock, even when it doesn’t hurt, and that should help the inflamation and speed along the recovery. For now I am following mother’s orders and am making a Doctor’s appointment first thing Monday morning.

Until then, keep on training tri-studs! Put in a good workout for me, as I’ll be couch-bound for a few more days (I’m hoping it is not weeks) and will be getting fatter and slower by the day. haha.



  1. aw buddy, im so sorry your knee is still acting up… you’re being smart and resting until that bum knee gets better. if you are up for a swim, let me know!

  2. Oh man! That sucks!

    Keep us posted on the progress.

  3. hang in there….knee injuries suck. I has my knee scoped last summer and I know how frustrating it is to be unable to train and compete.

    It will get better!

  4. Get healthy, the season is long with a lot of races until late Sept. See you on the road.


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