Athlete: The Movie

June 23, 2007

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I can’t remember quite how I found it (so I’m sorry I can’t give anyone credit for pointing it out..), but probably stumbled across it in one of the hundreds of triathlon blogs that I’ve managed to subscribed to in the last few months. (If you are interested in seeing all the tri-blogs I read, lemme know and I’ll send out an OPML file with all of ’em that you can add to your RSS readers, now enough of me being a dork…)

Athlete: The Movie. Looks like the next biggest thing after the “What it takes” movie for endurance athletes. Check out the trailer (below) and the blog and let me know what you think. The director (or whoever is authoring the blog) didn’t know what a CompuTrainer was, so I’m assuming (s)he isn’t an edurance athlete. It should be interesting to see how a documentary on endurance athletes made by an “outsider” turns out.



  1. Hey! I’ll look at this vid when I’m home (as opposed to at work!) Thanks for your comment! FYI: I will EITHER have on a red & yellow TEAM ENVISION uniform OR a red/marooon/black TRIFURY uniform! I’m officially a mamner of both, but I am doing a LOT this season with Trifury, so would rather wear that one, but as of TODAY, Tuesday, the Team Envision tri top fits a little better, (I need to loose another 5 lbs or so to have the trifury tri top fit better!!!) Plus I might throw on the bike jersey for the ride, as I might throw an extra water bottle in the back pocket. I have a bike jersey for Team Envision, and am awaiting the one for the other team. HOWEVER, TRIFURY will have a tent up near the finish, and a lot of peeps should be there, so go by and say HI! There are about 5 women racing red & yellow Team Envision. There are about 20 or so men/women racing Trifury maroon & red. I also THINK I am the only one on both teams racing with RED hair!!! πŸ™‚ SEE YOU THERE!

  2. O-kay, if we don’t see each other this time–with that description & info & all — we have a problem!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. um i think you should sign up for the lowell ymca triathlon on august 12th. that is all πŸ™‚

  4. Haha.
    Robin, I’ve got a few obnoxiously bright orange shirts. I’ll be sure to wear one of them so you can spot me.

  5. luv the orange!!!

  6. ps: watche dteh vid…interesting. I agree re: the film director. will be interesting, but if she’s good, it shouldn;t make a huge difference. I will see it when it comes out. It is interesting enough for me to say I’d liek to see it. Thnx for posting it.

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