Broke Back Knee

June 29, 2007

[blip.tv ?posts_id=289366&dest=8870]

Ran the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge

3.5 Miles and 12,000 runners in downtown Boston.

I came in to the race with almost three weeks of solid rest from running/biking and felt really confident about being able to run the whole thing (without pushing too hard) and not having any pain/discomfort in my knee. Unfortunately, that was not the case…


  • See a Doc.
  • Do more stretching
  • I’m not out of the woods yet, so I’ve still gotta be gentle with my knee.

Race Time:

  • official race clock: 37:20
  • my watch: 32:26


  1. grrr i must have been near you!!! but i didnt see you!!
    my finish time (on the big clock) was 38:13, but my coworkers said we started at least 5 minutes behind. take care of that knee buddy, we need you in Firmman!

  2. oh no! Take it eeeeasty and it will pay off. I got to Walden at 6:00 — others got there at 5:30 though. Luckily I leave my house at 5:30 to arrive at 6:00 — any earlier and I wouldn’t make it!What was that book—Bury my heart at wounded knee???? Be careful & don’t jump the gun and you’ll beback b4 u know it. Belive I was wothout running from May 06 – Nov 06…About 5 – 6 months!

  3. Congrats on navigating the nightmare that is the Corporate Challenge. That might actually be my least favorite race i have ever done. Take a few more weeks and see a masseuse, that will help the knee a lot. Get healthy, the team needs you.


  4. Great video… sorry to hear about your knee. It may be time to see the Doc just to make sure… but no worries… you’ll be back in no time! Take care!

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