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The Boston Triathlon Meetup Group

July 31, 2007

So I’ve been looking for a different ways to help bring together some local triathletes and help facilitate some group workout or just some casual events to geek out over all things tri-related.

So I pulled out my full geekness and started poking around the web. I poked around this “create your own social network site” which seemed good but not quite as focused on “in-person” meetups and I had hoped.

Coincidentally, I met up with fellow Wheelworks Multisport-er at a Clif Bar charity event last weekend who had exactly the same idea as me. – We loved the team for group rides/workouts, but sometimes (often) they just didn’t match our training schedules.

So Jen, beating me out in internet geek-dom, started up this group on for just that purpose. There are tons of local folks already out there looking for local tri-studs and studettes to train with, unlike the scant few that have stopped by my Ning page. 😦 But this site does look pretty promising, so head on over there and check it out. Its free, just set up an account and RSVP to any events you care to jump in on.

The first meetup is a run along the esplanade on August 8. Hope to see any of you guys out there.

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My one year anniversary with Triathlon

July 25, 2007

This last weekend marked my official one year anniversary with that bastard of a spouse that I call triathlon. That dirty whore is always on my back, pushing me to go harder and faster, forcing me to put down the cheese nachos and chill out on the beer, but God damn I love her. ::sigh::

It was just one year ago when I crossed the finish line of my first sprint Tri: The Appleman in Littleton, MA. (I was only able to volunteer this year out of fear of re-injuring my knee, but it was good to return to the race that started it all for me.)

On this ever-so-special anniversary, I thought I’d step back do some reflecting and offer a few recommendations given what I’ve learned over te past

  1. Triathlon can be a lonely sport, but only if you make it. I have met so many kick-ass people out there doing triathlons, and they have truly framed this whole experience for me. Join group rides, talk to strangers, find a training partner, just do it. I love long workouts by myself to clear my head as much as (or more than) the next guy, but the journey is far more exciting when you have friends to share it with who truly understand it.
  2. Get lost on the bike. You’ll never know what you find.
  3. Defy your own expectations on a regular basis. Don’t always take the fastest route home.
  4. Spectate/volunteer at a local race. I recently did both and got a new found appreciation for
    a) my ability to compete in these kick-ass events and b) the tons of work that goes in to making sure that all of the millions of details go as planned. Both were very odd experiences, and slightly uncomfortable. I like that I feel more comfortable sweating buckets in spandex than on the side lines watching others beat themselves up on the course.
  5. Take care of your body! Stretch, eat right, rest when you need to (and you know when you need it) and kick your ass when you need it (and you know when you need it).
  6. Take a minute to step back and appreciate the little milestones you pass in training, whether it is beating an injury, a new PR, or finishing that big race that you’ve been training for.

That is it for now. Dr. Bull’s office hours are now over, so go on and scamper away.


My IT Band Stretches

July 22, 2007

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And by popular demand…

I’ve gotten a few different requests from people about different stretches I’ve been doing to take care of my IT band. Here are a few that I’ve found online and seem to be helping.

And this one looks good too… but I don’t have a foam roller, so I don’t know if its possible otherwise.

I’m hoping my PT will have some more ideas for stretches as well as some strengthening exercises, but that will have to wait until next week. I’ll be sure to send along anything good I get from him too.

(Obvious Disclaimer: I have zero medical training, so if you hurt yourself, don’t come crying to me.)


Back on the bike

July 21, 2007

This morning I actually felt like a triathlete again, and it was the first time in a long time.

I have only spent a few minutes on the bike here and there since my knee first gave out on me about a month and a half ago, and it has been killing me. My bike has just been sitting in the corner of my room, giving me evil looks for not giving it enough attention.

I headed up to Walden pond this morning for a nice long swim with Chris and a few other folks from Beginner Triathlete for a nice long swim. With all that time off, I was afraid my performance would completely drop off and I’d have to start all over again from where I was back in February. Thankfully, my swimming hasn’t taken too much of a hit and I felt really strong (plus I got some good tips on improving my form from all-around triathlon badass, Jorge).

After heading up to the parking lot to head out for a ride, we met up with Kim and hit the road. I was super nervous about my knee. I took a quick 30 minute ride on the trainer the night before to see how it felt, and it seemed to go pretty well, but I still was mentally prepared to have it give out after 5 miles and have to turn around and leave the group to speed on without me.

Thankfully, I was able to do the whole 25 mile loop with everyone (but dropped by Chris and the faster group in just a few minutes), but had to bow out after that and let them keep going. I’ve definitely lost some speed on the bike, but not as much as I would have expected. My knee did feel pretty good throughout most of the ride, but was a little tight after. Nothing a little stretching and rest can’t take care of.

I’ve gotten a few requests for it lately, so I’ll post up some of the different stretches I’ve been doing lately that seem to have helped.  I’m also having my first PT session this Friday, so hopefully I’ll come back from that with some more good info to share w/ anyone else having IT band issues.


Diagnosis: IT Band

July 18, 2007

IT BandHey Kids! Sorry. It has been quite a while since my last post, so I DO have some updates.

I spent some time at the Orthopedic’s office on Friday, and was finally able to get a solid diagnosis for that awful pain on the outside and back of my knee whenever I ran more than a mile or two: IT Band.

Throughout all of my years of running (I was a super competitive cross country runner in High School, but took a few years off in college) I have been pretty lucky to never sustain any significant injury. This’ll be my first.

The cause? Anything from running on one side road too much, to body mechanics (which is doubtful since I’ve never had this issue before), or just increasing my mileage too quickly (which is probably the culprit).

The effects? I’ve at least gotten the green light from the doctor to do some light running, but only if I stop as soon as it gives me any trouble. I’ll probably be doing more mid-summer bike trainer workouts and some runs around the local rubber track or along the Charles River (anywhere that isn’t a hard, slanted sidewalk) over the next few weeks.

I’ve also decided that it probably isn’t the best idea to do the Appleman sprint triathlon this weekend. Not only have I not done any real training in over a month (and I’ve got the gut to prove it) but I really have no desire to push things too hard and risk throwing away any more of the season than I need to. I’m still going to go and volunteer/ cheer on my teammates (Wheelworks Multisport). Hopefully I can give away my spot to someone looking to jump into a last-minute sprint race, as I think this race sold out.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this race since last summer (when I did the Appleman as my first triathlon) as a way to benchmark my fitness, so it really hurts having to bow out.

The recovery? I’ll be seeing a PT a few times in the coming weeks to do some different strengthening exercises and getting myself back on track. Until then, I’ll be going easy, upping my time on the bike and in the pool, and testing out some of the different IT stretches that I’ve been checking out online.

Hopefully I can get a head-start on the PT and get some speed back in my legs by the time the Cranberry Country Olympic comes around next month. Looks like this’ll be my A race this season!


Doctor’s Visit: Part 1

July 5, 2007


I took a trip to the doctor’s office this morning to finally get my right knee checked out. It has been almost a month since it first started bothering me, and has seen almost no improvement at all despite staying off of it as much as I can and doing plenty of stretching and advil-ing.

I’m not sure if it is just my personality since I’ve become a triathlete, or if it has always been that way, but I developed this really weird and super competitive inner dialog. Maybe it is just because everyone at the office isn’t use to seeing people that actually live healthy lifestyles, but it is always fun surprising people with how active I am (when I’m not injured).

“Weight? 188.”

Pfftt. That is silly. I know I’m less than that (when not fully dressed). I could probably be under 180 if my dumb knee wasn’t all busted.

“Heart rate. 61. Wow, that is very good”

I know I’ve tested it as low as 56 when laying down. I wonder if I can get it down to low 50’s by the end of the season? That would be awesome.

“Well normally I have to convince people to quit smoking or work out a more, but you’ve got that covered. We love that you are working out. We are on your side, we want to get you back out there as soon as possible.”

WOO HOO! Now fix me please?

The X-Ray didn’t show anything, phew, but I’ve got an appointment with an orthopedic doctor next week who should hopefully have some more insight into what is happening down there.


Patriot Half Iron Video

July 3, 2007

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The Innaugural Patriot Half Iron

July 1, 2007

Freetown, MA