Doctor’s Visit: Part 1

July 5, 2007


I took a trip to the doctor’s office this morning to finally get my right knee checked out. It has been almost a month since it first started bothering me, and has seen almost no improvement at all despite staying off of it as much as I can and doing plenty of stretching and advil-ing.

I’m not sure if it is just my personality since I’ve become a triathlete, or if it has always been that way, but I developed this really weird and super competitive inner dialog. Maybe it is just because everyone at the office isn’t use to seeing people that actually live healthy lifestyles, but it is always fun surprising people with how active I am (when I’m not injured).

“Weight? 188.”

Pfftt. That is silly. I know I’m less than that (when not fully dressed). I could probably be under 180 if my dumb knee wasn’t all busted.

“Heart rate. 61. Wow, that is very good”

I know I’ve tested it as low as 56 when laying down. I wonder if I can get it down to low 50’s by the end of the season? That would be awesome.

“Well normally I have to convince people to quit smoking or work out a more, but you’ve got that covered. We love that you are working out. We are on your side, we want to get you back out there as soon as possible.”

WOO HOO! Now fix me please?

The X-Ray didn’t show anything, phew, but I’ve got an appointment with an orthopedic doctor next week who should hopefully have some more insight into what is happening down there.



  1. Good luck next week…hope you have a good ortho doc; I love mine! Keep us posted. And, advil-ing…new word? I like it.

  2. RR posted — finally! Warning — it’s long.

  3. good luck with the knee. Hopefully the doc can get you all fixed up and back out there!

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