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Diagnosis: IT Band

July 18, 2007

IT BandHey Kids! Sorry. It has been quite a while since my last post, so I DO have some updates.

I spent some time at the Orthopedic’s office on Friday, and was finally able to get a solid diagnosis for that awful pain on the outside and back of my knee whenever I ran more than a mile or two: IT Band.

Throughout all of my years of running (I was a super competitive cross country runner in High School, but took a few years off in college) I have been pretty lucky to never sustain any significant injury. This’ll be my first.

The cause? Anything from running on one side road too much, to body mechanics (which is doubtful since I’ve never had this issue before), or just increasing my mileage too quickly (which is probably the culprit).

The effects? I’ve at least gotten the green light from the doctor to do some light running, but only if I stop as soon as it gives me any trouble. I’ll probably be doing more mid-summer bike trainer workouts and some runs around the local rubber track or along the Charles River (anywhere that isn’t a hard, slanted sidewalk) over the next few weeks.

I’ve also decided that it probably isn’t the best idea to do the Appleman sprint triathlon this weekend. Not only have I not done any real training in over a month (and I’ve got the gut to prove it) but I really have no desire to push things too hard and risk throwing away any more of the season than I need to. I’m still going to go and volunteer/ cheer on my teammates (Wheelworks Multisport). Hopefully I can give away my spot to someone looking to jump into a last-minute sprint race, as I think this race sold out.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this race since last summer (when I did the Appleman as my first triathlon) as a way to benchmark my fitness, so it really hurts having to bow out.

The recovery? I’ll be seeing a PT a few times in the coming weeks to do some different strengthening exercises and getting myself back on track. Until then, I’ll be going easy, upping my time on the bike and in the pool, and testing out some of the different IT stretches that I’ve been checking out online.

Hopefully I can get a head-start on the PT and get some speed back in my legs by the time the Cranberry Country Olympic comes around next month. Looks like this’ll be my A race this season!