My one year anniversary with Triathlon

July 25, 2007

This last weekend marked my official one year anniversary with that bastard of a spouse that I call triathlon. That dirty whore is always on my back, pushing me to go harder and faster, forcing me to put down the cheese nachos and chill out on the beer, but God damn I love her. ::sigh::

It was just one year ago when I crossed the finish line of my first sprint Tri: The Appleman in Littleton, MA. (I was only able to volunteer this year out of fear of re-injuring my knee, but it was good to return to the race that started it all for me.)

On this ever-so-special anniversary, I thought I’d step back do some reflecting and offer a few recommendations given what I’ve learned over te past

  1. Triathlon can be a lonely sport, but only if you make it. I have met so many kick-ass people out there doing triathlons, and they have truly framed this whole experience for me. Join group rides, talk to strangers, find a training partner, just do it. I love long workouts by myself to clear my head as much as (or more than) the next guy, but the journey is far more exciting when you have friends to share it with who truly understand it.
  2. Get lost on the bike. You’ll never know what you find.
  3. Defy your own expectations on a regular basis. Don’t always take the fastest route home.
  4. Spectate/volunteer at a local race. I recently did both and got a new found appreciation for
    a) my ability to compete in these kick-ass events and b) the tons of work that goes in to making sure that all of the millions of details go as planned. Both were very odd experiences, and slightly uncomfortable. I like that I feel more comfortable sweating buckets in spandex than on the side lines watching others beat themselves up on the course.
  5. Take care of your body! Stretch, eat right, rest when you need to (and you know when you need it) and kick your ass when you need it (and you know when you need it).
  6. Take a minute to step back and appreciate the little milestones you pass in training, whether it is beating an injury, a new PR, or finishing that big race that you’ve been training for.

That is it for now. Dr. Bull’s office hours are now over, so go on and scamper away.



  1. lol. This might be my favorite post of yours. All of it is very true and very good advice.

  2. Was it my manly inner tube that set you off?

  3. Congrats…and let me tell you, when you start getting to later anniversaries it only gets better. Then you start creating anniversaries for the first blister you pop that sprays across the floor, one for your first century ride, one for you first sub-1:20/100 yard swim…and many more.

    It only gets to be a whole lot more fun as the years pass.


  4. Great post… and good advise. I want to volunteer for a race for just that reason. My first anniversary race is coming up soon… I can’t wait!

  5. well, it was definitely the inner tube for me. I’m volunteering next weekend as a swim angel. I was already looking forward to it, but after reading your blog, I’m totally PSYCHED!

  6. hey hey hey

    good attitude.

    i volunteered at Danskin yesterday as a swim angel. i must have met the woman who posted before me!!! i was supposed to race this last year, but got injured so I did the swim angel volunteer thing. i loved it so much, that i decided at last year’s race that i wouldn’t race this year, but do this swim volunteering thing again, which was yesterday. fun stuff.

    heal fast.

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