Slow week

August 3, 2007

Hey kids. Just checking in.

This week has been pretty crazy with just about everything but training. I’ve been a mess trying to find a new apartment (one roommate is moving out so I’m forced to move to a smaller place). This is the time of year to rent an apartment in Boston, and everyone and their mother is out there trying to steal all the nice places and leave me out on the street, but I digress…

The PT has been great this week. Went twice and have been doing tons of stretching. I’ve even ordered an foam roller from Amazon to try to massage out some scar tissue and loosen up my IT band. I’m awful at actually completing morning workouts (although I’m very good at actually planning on doing them and setting my alarm) but I am hoping to get a few mile run in tomorrow morning before work.

I know this is a pretty shabby post, I do honestly feel bad when I don’t have time to push out some quality posts, but until then… I leave you with this.

Kinda makes me wish I could trade in the road bike for some knobby tires… but that is only fleeting 🙂

Nothing beats the speed of a nice slick road bike.

Until next time… train hard. play harder.


One comment

  1. It’s too bad bikes are so expensive. I’d love to have a mountain bike too. My usual ride goes through Harold Parker State Forest, and there’s always a bunch of folks on MTBs setting off on or coming back from rides through the 30+ miles of trails. I’m not afraid to admit that it makes me a little jealous…

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