I’m a runner again

August 6, 2007

Running PoseYesterday I had to bow out of a BRick workout with Kim and Chris. (Sorry guys, family takes precedence over Tri training.) But it did give me the opportunity to jump on the local track and test whatever speed I’ve still got in my legs since taking more than a month off because of my IT Band Syndrome.

It had been WAY too long since I had pushed myself on a serious track workout, and I didn’t even know what to expect. I’m still taking it easy, so it wasn’t too long, but I at least wanted to push myself to get some benchmark numbers to test myself against later in the season.

My plan:

1 x 1600 easy warmup

1 x 1600 @ race pace (hoping for at least 7:33… so I can compete with Kim)

1×1600 easy with drills (high knees, kick buts, scissors…)

First Mile:

Time: 9:50

Avg BPM: 155

Max BPM: 175

Race Mile:

Time: 7:05

Avg BPM: 177

Max BPM: 187

WOO! I was expecting to barely make it past 7:33 without either falling over and having my heart explode out of my chest, or having my IT band snap and I fall over in a bloody mess on the side of the track, but I actually didn’t do that bad! I’ve definitely seen faster days, but this gave me just the emotional boost that I needed after battling the depression of not being able to run for about 6 weeks. It just gave me a great feeling of finally getting back to my roots as a runner, pushing laps hard, feeling that jello-like soreness in my legs, and dodging sprinklers on the football field early in the morning.

Good times..

Cranberry Country Oly is in three weeks. Here I Come!



  1. Great news! Have fun at Cranberry. I’d be there, too, if I wasn’t going to be in Las Vegas that weekend! 🙂

    (No casinos…visiting my two nieces!!)

  2. Good to see you are back pounding the pavement again. I know you must be thrilled beyond words. I have been tracking your posts and felt bad that you had ITB issues…not fun! Ease back into it and take care of yourself and avoid injury! Hope you do well and have fun in the Cranberry Country Olympic tri.

    Kellie (athletemovie.com/blog – computrainer lady :o)

  3. Way to go…welcome back…

    You are going to love Cranberry. I have heard it is a great race.


  4. Nice!! That’s excellent news.

    Now you can turn your attention to where it belongs… kickin some ass at Cranberry!

  5. stop running so fast damn it.

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