Its Business Time!

August 11, 2007

Okay well not that kind of business… (but it is a plug for my new favorite HBO show, Flight of the Concords).

I’m heading up to Salem, MA this morning for the Wild Fish One Mile Swim this morning. It will be my first ocean swim this year, but I’ve realized that in trying to fix my leg and get back to running, I’ve been really neglecting my swimming. Although, out of the three, it probably isn’t too bad that I’m neglecting swimming as somehow it has turned into my best sport (hopefully I can get my running back up to that level this season).

This is more of a “shock to the system” more than anything else. Plus, I hope that I can use this to get better at drafting/sighting in race conditions. I still feel really awkward drafting in the swim, even thought I know I can pretty easily use it to leapfrog to the front of a pack and save plenty of energy in the process. I just always feel like I’m going WAY too slow when I’m following someone.

I’m hoping to crawl back in to shore somewhere around 30 minutes since my Mooseman swim time was 28:39, but this swim course is a little longer and I think I’m in a little worse swimming shape than I was back in June.

Alright kiddies, out I go! It’s business time! Lets show ’em what’s up!



  1. OMG. That was hilarious. Kind of me want cable. haha! Hope the wild fish swim went well. Looking forward to the report. If I didn’t have my Sat swim/bike class, I would have done it too. I’m planning to kick my fear of ocean water race swimming on Sept 30th with an ocean sprint! Pizza scoop: Yeah, I have had DeMeo’s once; it was good. I usually order from Beauty’s. But they are in Cambridge, too. Very good. My friend (also in Somerville) actually says Dial a Pizza, I think between the Wine & Cheese Cask and O’Sullivan’s, is good. She agreed once woudln;t expect it, but she & her husband like it! I need to try it.

  2. Hilarious video! I’ll have to check out that show. Best of luck on the swim!

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