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August 23, 2007

So this weekend is my last (scheduled) race of the season. The Cranberry Country Oly, put on by the friendly folks at Sun Multisport Events.

Starting off the season, I registered for this race figuring that I’ll be super speedy by now, well versed in Oly racing after finishing the Mooseman olympic distance and one or two other olys (I only managed to race @ mooseman) and I could tear up the course and hope for a nice age group finish. CLEARLY, that isn’t going to happen this year.

It is a little disappointing to see this go up on my race resume as my “A” race of this season, but after a pretty nasty injury to my IT band, I guess you’ve just gotta deal with it and move on.

From what I’ve heard from other people who have done the race, it is a real fun time, well run, and a nice fast bike course (which I will love b’c my cycling has been getting the shaft lately while I have been trying to bring my running back up to speed).

I was at least moderately focused on my finishing time at Mooseman, but I’ve decided to throw all of that out for this race, just focus on putting on a respectable race, and having a good time.

Strangely, I feel like I need to celebrate the (almost) completion of my first real triathlon season. (Last season didn’t really count, it was just a trial I guess). For whatever reason, I’ve been very interested in taking the dive and shaving down for the race this weekend. BTW, my GF is SUPER against it, but oh well. Why would I do it anyway?

Vanity? Peer Pressure? Probably.

Am I expecting to be faster? No way.

Thoughts? Am I just being silly taking the dive and going under the knife razor and go clean shaven  this late in the season?

Okay, wow, this post was really ramble-ly but oh well. It is early and thats the best your gunna get! You’ll get more this weekend with some race pics and hopefully some video.



  1. don’t do it.

  2. Good luck this weekend! I’m going to try to get down there to watch… I’ll give you a shout if I can find you. Do you have your number yet?

    I have no comment (yes or no) on the shaving thing. People shave for different reasons, road rash heals better after a crash, makes you feel faster, whatever. It’s the kind of thing that takes time to build up the courage to do, but once you shave it’s really no big deal. It’s all part of the sport and it grows back!

  3. Thanks John. So far we’ve got 2 “nos” and one “eh”.

    It looks like I’ll be spending my time stretching my IT band tonight instead of lotioning up in the bath tub!

    I shaved for swimming back and HS and actually liked how it felt, but hated having to keep up with it and the itching of letting it grow back.

    I don’t have a race number yet, but I’m hoping to add another (hopefully more structured and insightful) post between now and Sunday morning. If i figure out what it is, I’ll post it then.

    Thanks guys!

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