The new workout program: Life

September 1, 2007

So I’ve been pumping out all of these good ideas for posts, but just haven’t had the time to put anything together into an actual post. My bad guys… I’ll get to those drafts later.

I do have a good excuse. I’ve been busy moving from to my new (much nicer) apartment. Granted it is only about a mile from my old place, but moving has been a BITCH. Maybe it was because me and my two roommates refused to rent a UHaul and wanted to do it all ourselves slowly over the past week, but moving has kicked my ass.

Moving: The OTHER high intensity workout.

Gallons (literally) of gatorade was consumed, blood was shed (hey, YOU try moving a huge box spring down the narrowest set of spiral stairs architecturally possible w/o doing some damage), but we finally finished everything. Now we just have to unpack the rooms and rooms full of boxes and try to make sense of this mess.

On the plus side, I don’t feel bad at all about not having even thought about how I’m skipping out on triathlon training completely. My quads are killing me from all of the stairs!  (Hopefully it will help me be a better climber on the bike?!) I do wish I wore my HRM. It’d be interesting to see what my averages were.


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