Morning Workouts

September 5, 2007


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So I’m REALLY good at setting my running/cycling/swimming gear out the night before, and setting my alarm clock to get up early and do a early morning workout. I’m definitely an early riser, but not so much that I can easily jump out of bed and hit the road/pool early in the morning before work.

Half of the difficulty if triathlon is just finding time to train. Working out early is a good way to squeeze in some extra mileage, because the LAST thing I want to do after a long day at the office is go workout, especially when my stocked fridge and TV are calling my name.

Having the 3 PM Clif Builder Bar (they are delicious!) has helped curb my post-work appetite and help me get on the road, but it still hard to get out there once and a while.

Anyone have any good tips for just getting yourself motivated and out there on the road?



  1. dude, let me know when you find the secret to getting up early and waking up to workout… i have to get up tomorrow and do a quick 30 minute bike and 10 minute run, and ummm i dont really want to do it. especially knowing i have to go to school from 430-10.

    such is the life of a wanna-be ironman. it’s gonna be one. tough. year.

  2. Haha. Maybe it is just a lack of motivation then.

    Did someone say “sign up for an ’08 IM?” Haha.

    well… maybe one more year… but I do think I need to register for some fall races now that all of my planned races have passed….

    Hopefully I can get into the Duxbury Sprint, or at least find some late season distance runs… or even a half marathon?

  3. One thing that helps me is my preprogrammable coffee maker. I know when the alarm goes off that there is fresh coffee waiting. Plus, my dogs here it and then demand to to go out. So then I’m up, I have cofee = viola! The hard part is getting to the actual training, though!!!

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