Triathlon: Because I can

September 9, 2007

So after cutting a Friday night out on the town with friends short (with the excuse of having to get up early for a workout) I got a late-night wake up from my girlfriend. No, not THAT kind of midnight wake-up. She thought she was having her throat close up on her and I had to take her to the hospital. (Don’t worry, she is fine now).

As I was sitting in the Somerville Hospital emergency room at 1:30 a.m., trying not to pass out in the most uncomfortable plastic chair ever made, I couldn’t help but eaves drop on some people in beds around us to see what brought them to the hospital.

DAMN! Its situations like that when you really realize how lucky you are. Just the fact that I’m healthy enough to even train for a triathlon puts me miles above some of the people looming around the ER.

I may not be very happy with some of my race results this year, and still wish I was a faster runner, but after stepping back and really looking at my situation overall, I’m doing pretty damn good. It really helped me to refocus my perspective on my fitness and really appreciate the simple fact that I’m even able to toe the line at at triathlon.

So, despite my less than five hours of sleep friday night, I still decided to stick to my original plan of a mile swim and 2 mile run out around Walden Pond, just because I can. And it was great. 🙂

Comparing your fitness to other bad-ass triathletes can be dangerous, but when you step back and compare yourself to the rest of the population, I’m doing awesome! So, just a reminder to all you kids out there. Don’t get too worried about your times and place in your AG. Impressing your fellow triathletes may be fun, but just being able to cross the line at any triathlon makes you a bad-ass to just about everyone else out there. So enjoy it!

Take care of yourselves out there.


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