My New Gig

September 16, 2007

I’ve been looking for a second gig (to try and alleviate the dent that tri-gear has created in my bank account) just to do a few nights a week after my regular 9-5.

Then, as fate would have it, I learned from a teammate of mine about a gym just down the road that is looking for spinning instructors.

I thought: “Hey, I taught swim lessons and aqua-aerobics back when I was in High School and College, and now I’ve moved on to triathon. Seems like a natural transition!”

So, I dusted off the ‘ol resume, did some research, made a few phone calls, laid on the ‘ol Bull charm and BAM. I got the job!

I’ve got my first class scheduled for this Tuesday after work and those new job jitters have totally sunk in. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but hopefully I’ll be resilient enough to figure it out along the way and not look completely ridiculous.

For any of you guys out there that have met me, I definitely don’t fit the “psycho drill instructor yelling to go faster and pedal till you bleed” type of guy. There is a reason why I love endurance races and not sprints. I get a kick out of just putting my head down and giving long consistent effort for 2-3 hours. Its defnitely not typical spinning style: speeding up, resting, standing sitting, jumping..

I’m hoping it’ll just be a matter of finding my own style (and hoping that people connect with it and actually show up next time!) and bringing some creativity to new routines.

Either way, I’m sure I’ll have some funny stories to post up here Tuesday night. Hopefully at least one person will show up!



  1. how cool!! i want to check out your class, where is it?

  2. Jamie, that’s great! I’m sure you will be just fine. Show them what its like to be an Endurance Athlete!

  3. Hey there. Where you teaching? I left my gym 4 mo ago and now I just found another and I’m joining this week. Wondering if you are THERE?

  4. How did it go yesterday!?

  5. do tell us!! 😉

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