Spinning Instructor: Day One

September 20, 2007

Okay kids. So here is the story.

I wasn’t that nervous all day about my first attempt at being a spinning instructor, which was probably assisted by the fact that I was so busy doin the 9-5 that I didn’t even have time to think about how badly I was going to do at fooling people that night.

The “new job jitters” didn’t actually hit me until I pulled into the parking lot (of a gym I had never even been to before mind you) and realized there was no turning back now. I took a deep breath, sucked it up, and realized it was too late to back out now.

I was warned that, since this was only the second class that the gym had ever offered, that they weren’t exactly expecting a huge turnout. All I was hoping for was at least one person so I could at least call myself an indoor cycling instructor and actually hold a class. Just ONE person!

Well, as luck would have it, turning on some loud music and hanging out in and empty room spinning the pedals by myself actually attracted two people. Twice what I was hoping for! Granted one came with sandals and a yoga mat, fully expecting to take a Yoga class.. but it was good enough!

They didn’t even come with towels or water bottles. I knew I was going to have to make them work real hard (hey, I didn’t wanna look like a softie…) but I let ’em know I’d rather see them step outside to grab water quick than get dehydrated and fall over on me.

So after offering a quick hand to help in adjusting my first two students’ bikes… off I went! Did a quick warm-up and jumped right into the little workout plan that I pulled together off of some other plans I scrounged up on the internet.

Here is (roughly) what I ran my two new favoring people through.

Warm up:

3 minutes easy – cadence in the low 80’s

3×30″ on with 30″ rest


Turn up resistance 1-2 turns

Mix in 1-2 standing periods ~:30 per interval

2×2′ on  with 1′ rest

2×3′ on with 1′ rest

2’x4′ on with 45″ rest

2×5′ on with  30″ rest

2×4′ on with 45″ rest

2×3′ on with 1′ rest

2×2′ on with  1′ rest


Turn resistance up 1/2 turn

2×1′ sprint (cadance above 105) with 30″ rest

2×45″ sprint with 30″ rest

2×15″ spring with 15″ rest

Cool down:

3:00 low cadence with stretching

It seemed like they both got pretty good workouts, were nice and shiny, covered in sweat. The guy even mentioned that it was the most he had sweat in a long time. That is what I like to hear! Maybe I can actually pull this off. Lets hope it goes just as well next week, and maybe even three people will show up then!



  1. sounds like you did great–congrats!

  2. sounds like it was a great workout, Jaime! woo-hoo !!!

    Watch out Coach Troy!

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