Hub on Wheels – 2007

September 25, 2007

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I rode the third annual “Hub on Wheels” last weekend in Boston.

I think there were around four thousand riders who came out, and raised money towards bringing more computers and technology into the Boston Public School system.

It was a gorgeous late September day. I got to spend some time with my awesome Wheelworks Multisport teammates, enjoy the gorgeous streets and suburbs of boston on bike (many of which were closed just for the ride) and I shot a few quick videos and pics along the way.

They are all a little rough, but please excuse my crappy editing skills. πŸ™‚



  1. DO I HEAR ANOTHER TYPE OF POOL STARTING??? I say OCTOBER 24th could be your last swim. Then, buddy, you are DONE and should head back to the POOL. πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe Oct 17th depending on the weather, but I’ll be daring and say Oct 24th. Closest without going over wins. Ha ha!

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