And now for something completely unrelated

October 2, 2007

Apple picking pictures!

I went out with Sam (the GF) this weekend to get away from the crowds of the city to go hang out with a different kind of crowd: tons of little kids running around climbing trees and picking apples.

I’m pretty sure that we were the only people there without any kids, but it was still pretty fun and I learned something new. I kick ASS at picking apples. Many people were afraid of climbing that high and getting all the good apples at the top, but not me. I picked the HELL out of those things! I am even second guessing my career path after this weekend, but that is a different discussion.

So here are some pics of me making generally stupid expressions for the camera. Oh, and Sam looking generally cute too.

I SO wish that I was 10 years old again so I could play king of the mountain and push those little punks off of the hay pile… (Un)fortunately Sam has better judgment than I do and talked me out of it. Still looked like fun…



  1. okay seriously, i love apple picking and cant wait to go this weekend! do you recommend that place???

  2. Yeah, definitely! I had never been there before, but read a few good reviews online and went to try it out.

    It is in Stow, just past Concord and is pretty easy to get to. They’ve also got a barn where they sell tons of apple related stuff (pies, breads, caramel apples, cider and my favorite.. APPLE DONUTS).
    Here is a link to the review and address

  3. You could totally take those kids, I mean really, their even caged in.

  4. fun stuff! Now you can go home and bake a pie 🙂

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