Testing my limits

October 3, 2007

Is it weird, or is it just one of those “you know you are an endurance athlete when…” things when you mid-workout and start to think… “hmm, I wonder what my max heart rate is,” and go test it out by yourself.

I decided to do a Max HR test after a little warm up during spin class yesterday. I just kept turning the resistance up each minute either 1 full turn (and eventually a half turn when it got real hard) and watched my HR jump up each time (and making sure I kept the cadence above 95 RMP).

I was expecting low 190’s. Maybe I was just wrong, or off, but I only pulled off 184. Or maybe I’m just getting old… It only hung on there for a few seconds until I wasn’t able to keep up a 95+ cadence anymore and had to step back.

I told Sam about it when I got home and she freaked out, but then again she works in a rehab hospital where anyone with a 180 HR is about to die. I was just having fun. 🙂

Anyone else have random thoughts like this where “normal” people just think you are masochistic?



  1. umm you know what’s strange…184 was my max a couple weeks ago too! one of my bike workouts is to crank the wattage as high as you can go while pedaling at a 50 cadence… i *believe* my cadence flew up to 177 or something like that…but when running, yup, 184 is my max.

  2. “Anyone else have random thoughts like this where “normal” people just think you are masochistic?”

    Pretty much all the time.

  3. What is “normal”, anyway?

  4. Hmm, Not sure.

    Anyone who can’t understand how sitting on a bike that doesn’t move, spinning your ass off, making big sweat puddles on the floor by yourself and having fun is “normal” I guess.

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