Spinning, people actually showed up!

October 10, 2007

I just got back from spinning class and after a few weeks of less than stellar attendance (no one came the last two weeks) I wasn’t even really prepared to teach a class.

I mean I had all my random junk with me (mix CD, sweat towel, water bottle, heart rate monitor…) but it kinda caught me off guard when people actually walked in and saddled up and got ready for class.  It is still a little weird having people look to me for bike fit adjustment and other random questions, but hopefully I’m good enough at faking the parts I don’t really know to where no one really notices… haha. I am taking the official spinning instructor class this weekend so hopefully I’ll be all squared away after than and a little more confident. At least I’ve gotten pretty good at making up workouts on the fly. I at least keep it entertaining enough for me not to get bored, hopefully they thought the same.

Now that tri season has officially ended for just about everyone, the leaves are turning colors and starting to fall here in Boston,  fall fat season has officially descended on the Bull household. All of those apples I picked made me a whole lot of apple crisp and apple pie, which obviously only reaches its deliciousness potential when covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce. Last night I cooked up a nice pumpkin pie, which also was a pretty damn awesome post-spinning snack when covered in ice cream. Next thing I know, I’ll be stuffing myself with halloween candy and thanksgiving turkey then christmas candy…

Man, I love this time of year.. haha. Plus I love pumpkin beer. That is just plain delicious.

Now that my job guarantees me at least one solid workout per week, my self restraint is SO going right out the window. I did sign up for a 5k in December, and am contemplating a half marathon in February. Hopefully that’ll keep the gut in check.

Ramble over…


One comment

  1. Congrats on the spin class working out…

    And excellent call on the pumpkin beer, one of my favorites. John Harvard’s has one of the best on tap this time of year.

    Sorry I am going to miss you at the social tonight, we should definitely head out for a river run at some point with the temperatures dropping.


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