Gambling away my tri-budget

October 26, 2007

Like my cool new hat? (It was part of my Justin Timberlake costume for my Halloween work party yesterday.) I had a whole silver suit and black tie. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself…

Anyway, I’m heading to Atlantic City this weekend to gamble away some money that I don’t quite have in hopes of expanding my triathlon budget next season. I mean honestly, is there anything else to even spend money on? Bills don’t really need to be paid on time, right?

Sparked by this thread on TriScoop, I was trying to have a little fun and imagine all of the wonderful things I could do if I actually hit it big in AC and came home with a good chunk of cash. (Casinos are designed to just give out cash, right?)

A lot of people seemed to focus a lot on getting new bike gear or a coach to make themselves a whole lot faster. While my $500 bike certainly isn’t the fastest thing out there, it at least gets the job done and keeps me from looking entirely too ridiculous on the race course or on team training rides.

Besides some minor gear upgrades (and possibly putting my tired ‘ol Fuji to rest), I think I’d rather just spend my (crossing my fingers) winnings on planning some cool tri-centric vacations. I’d love to take a week or two off to go race some place tropical and really be able to relax post-race. But alas, my bank account just won’t allow for such pleasures just yet… unless I do really well in Atlantic City this weekend!

What would you spend your money on if you stumbled on a nice chunk of cash? Any creative ideas?

Wish me luck guys! Maybe if I do really well I’ll bring a few of you along on vacation with me.

UPDATE: As it turns out, I’m not that great of a gambler. I managed to leave AC down $50, which I guess isn’t that bad. But I am a pretty good drinker! We managed to find a sushi bar serving $1 beers for happy hour until 11! Who knew such a deal existed in Atlantic City?

Lets just say that I drank so much that Kim would be proud.



  1. Nice hat and good idea for a costume.

    If I hit it big… I don’t know, I would have to ponder that. So many choices. I like the idea of a coach, I also really love the idea of tri vacations. Brilliant.


    I’ll have to think about that.

  2. loving the halloween costume jamie!!!! if i stumbled onto a nice chunk of cash, i would… ummmm… well, i already bought a bike… but definitely do some clothes shopping, and maybe buy a kegerator!

    by the way, would love to get a few runs in with you this offseason!!!

  3. I would consider $50 down a winning weekend – could’ve been much worse, plus you had fun!

    If I fell into a pile of money I would buy a winter place somewhere warm where I could escape to FREQUENTLY. I’ve been experimenting with quick, effective hangover cures over the years. Eventually I’ll discover one and then I’ll patent it. And then drink every night and train every morning! Brilliant!

    You should post a pic of the full costume…

  4. That WOULD have made Kim proud!!

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