Gotta love the LSD

October 26, 2007

Charles River

Last weekend I decided that 1) my running sucks and 2) it isn’t going to get any better unless I do something about it. Now that I’m guaranteed to get at least one or two solid cycling workouts a week since I started teaching spinning classes, I really want to keep myself from getting into a slump this winter and loosing whatever endurance I was able to build up over the last season.

Mass Ave Bridge and Boston SkylineFall Leaves

I used to be a really strong runner back in high school and college, but those days are long gone. Not only that, but I really miss them too. I figure the only real way to be able to really enjoy running and be able to pull off some respectable (or at least comparable to my biking/swimming) performances in triathlons next year, is to really commit to running again and get my act together.

Memorial DriveMass Ave Bridge and Boston Skyline
To keep my lazy butt off of the couch this winter, I’ve decided to do the Hyannis Half Marathon in February and (crossing my fingers) the Boston Marathon in April. (I’m trying to get one of the last spots available on a charity team to get a spot in Boston since I have zero chance of qualifying this decade).

Head of the CharlesRowing down the Charles

These pics are from my first step (or workout) in that direction. I took a nice long LSD run last weekend down along the charles river and scoped out the annual regatta, The Head of the Charles. I brought my camera with me to grab some pics along the way, and give me an excuse to take some breaks in between (and ultimately stay out running much longer than I would get otherwise and prevent getting bored and turning around).

The run was perfect. About 2 and a half hours, about 13 miles, all below 154 bpm. There were tons of boats on the water from all across the country and plenty of spectators and vendors out enjoying the competition and the gorgeous late October day. It is days like this that really make me appreciate being an endurance athlete and just casually roaming across half of Boston and checking out some pretty cool sights.

Hopefully that feeling doesn’t fade once this nice weather fades…



  1. Lemme know if you are still looking for a charity slot for the Boston Marathon. I can get you on a team with no problem if you would like.

    Shoot Me a Line,


  2. Hey Jamie,
    I’m running LSD’s too but with an eye towards the Miami Marathon, not Boston…well, unless Miami goes REALLY WELL…and even then, I’d bandit Boston. I can’t bring myself to commit to a huge charity fundraiser right now, but would commend you for it!

    Keep in touch if you want to do some long runs along the Charles again — loved your pix.
    Cheers, -Sunny

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