The things you find on morning runs…

December 8, 2007

I was out on an early morning run through Harvard Square and along the Charles river this morning. It was just about 30 degrees, and everything had a light coat of snow all over it. Perfect. The kind of scene that makes waking up early all worth it.

You know how runners are usually the ones to find dead bodies buried in parks or something? Well I have yet to find any bodies, but I always find a few oddities out on the road. From being chased by dogs, yelled at by incoherent drunks, local college kids making the early morning “walk ‘o shame,” I manage to see something interesting whenever I hit the road.

This morning was no difference. So there I am, cruising along the Charles river and off in the distance I spy some people jumping in to one of the few unfrozen spots in the water under a foot bridge.

It wasn’t until I got around to the other side of the bridge that I realized half of them weren’t even wearing any clothes. I like to think I’m usually up for just about anything, but damn! Needless to say, some early morning nudity has probably topped my list of random things I’ve run across during a run.

Crazy college kids…



  1. Dude! At least throw us a pic of a woman in the post. Mans ok but equal is as equal does. C’mon!

    Or maybe these were all men spurned on by women to do this?!

    Ohhhh! the shrinkedge!

  2. haha. Well none these pics were actually taken yesterday. I just saw them online and they seemed to fit the situation.

    There were a few women there, but none decided to go “all the way” and kept their bikinis on. I think there were only one or two of them anyway. Definitely a sausage party, and like those big italian sausages, Think of those little cocktail wieners. (not that I was looking or anything…

  3. THAT is crazy!

    Crazier than my New Years’ Day 5 K with Ocean Plunge. I mean, my ocean plunge is for a reason! New Year’s Day!! But THIS, well, THIS is just NUTS!

    PS: It’s the Hangover Classic in Salisbury, MA. This will be my 3rd year! Come on’. Its at 11:00 after all!

  4. OK, I read your comment. So they were not naked. THEY ARE STILL CRAZY!

  5. PS: I just replied but I think I forgot to add that YES I am doing the Jingle Bell run. :o) SLOWLY. First time running since October.

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