Offseason Dreaming – Ironman Boston

December 17, 2007

Another Nor’easter hit last night, dumping another 6 inches of wet slushy snow, and canceled my 5k today. Thankfully it was postponed until next weekend so I won’t miss out on it, and I’ll have a chance to shake off some of the soreness from sloshing around in the snow on my run this past Friday.

Being snowed in, with no other responsibilities other than doing some online Christmas shopping and digging my car out of a pile of snow, gave me some time to finish mapping out my ideas for a self-supported ironman at the end of my 2008 season. The idea is slowly and slowly becoming more real and I’m in love with the idea of doing an IM all by myself. Sure, I don’t get the crowds, TV cameras, banners and right to where IM logo gear, but I’ll be able to do the race on my own terms, create my own dream course, and have the extra challenge of doing it without the support of crowds and aid stations. That isn’t even getting into saving the probably +$1,000 of race registration, travel and lodging for me and all of my support crew.

IM Boston Map


I finished the long process of mapping out all 140.6 miles on MapMyTri.com today. My plan is to start the race sometime in late august/early september at Walden Pond in Concord, doing two full loops around the perimeter, using the parking lot as my T1 and aid station to pass by on three 30ish mile loops on the bike before heading down to Hopkinton to the start of the Boston Marathon route. I’d then pass off my bike and transition into my running gear (with the support of whoever I can convince to help me out and take care of my gear for the day) before heading east into downtown Boston and crossing that big blue finish line across Boylston Street.
Ironman Boston

Anyone else interested?!


One comment

  1. I can’t commit to anything after July yet. But that does sound fun. šŸ™‚

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