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Sunday Boredom/Speedo Mullet

January 28, 2008

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No. The post title isn’t a reference to some indecent body hair exposure experience at the local pool.

A short bike trainer workout and some time on the balance ball wasn’t enough to keep my mind busy for very long today as the snow outside messed up the rest of my plans. I ended up on this site for custom bathing suits ( playing around with different designs for a while and here is my favorite one that I made so far.

Speedo Mullet

Get it? Mullet?

Business in the front, party in the back? Haha.

Well I thought it was funny and figured that at least TriBoomer would appreciate it. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to order it, but I just wanted to share. Have a good week everybody!



Mourning, Selfishness and Lifelong Fitness

January 24, 2008

The blogging has been a little light lately, but I have had trouble finding the time to put down enough coherent thought to express where I am right now. January has proven to be a crazy month so far.

Work can be best described as an utter mess. That is it, just a complete huge mess. But more importantly, I had to deal with the passing of my Grandmother’s sister, and my other Grandmother having a stroke and losing all of the movement on her left side.

Just when you think your life is moving along pretty well, you are the strongest you’ve ever been in the off season for a long time, your career is making steps forward, you’ve got a great apartment with a great girlfriend, and you come down from the high of the holidays and finally digest all that fat and sugar from all those Christmas cookies then, BAM. January hit me like a ton of bricks. Reality sets in and I’m reminded of just how fragile everything that I have is.

It is so tough to see your Grandmother stuck to a wheelchair, especially when she was so active. It was just over a year ago when she was tearing up the dance floor at my brother’s wedding and she spent almost every day this summer swimming, kayaking and going on long walks around her lake house. Thankfully she has made some pretty significant improvements since first having her stroke almost two weeks ago now. Her speech is almost back to normal, and she is slowly gaining movement back into her left arm.

If anything, her amazing spirit has made it easier for me to deal with everything. She is still completely focused on how the family is doing, and won’t stop cracking jokes and giving my Papa a hard time. She has barely missed a beat.

Now this may be a big jump, or may sound cheesy, but for me it is times like these that really renew my commitment to triathlon, or more specifically, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to even compete in this sport, meet so many amazing people, and (hopefully) stay around a few years longer than if I spent all my training time on the couch instead.

I’ve heard a lot of other tri-bloggers talk about how triathlon is inherently a selfish sport. I figure if every hour out on the road or in the water helps me stay healthy and with the people that matter a little longer, they’ve got it completely wrong.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer.  The next post will be a little happier.


Portrait of a Triathlon Geek

January 10, 2008

I’m normally a big fan of running “naked” or just without any heart rate monitors, GPSs, nutrition packs, etc.. and just enjoy being outside and working out. Today we hit a high of 54 degrees in Boston and I couldn’t resist going out for a run and finally get use of all my Christmas goodies, all at once.

I strapped on my new Nuun visor, head lamp, fuel belt, iPod shuffle and heart rate monitor and headed out for a nice 4.5 mile run. It is nice to be wearing shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt in January and still be hot!


Triathletes vs. American Gladiators

January 8, 2008

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I seem to be noticing a trend here.

I’m not quite sure what it is. It may be because it is the off season, or the writer’s strike, or just the fact that all the tri geeks out there are starving for some sort of athletic spandex-filled entertainment, but the new American Gladiators seems to have hit a cord with the triathlon crowd.

I’m proud to admit that I was a huge fan of the original show (and even still watch an episode here and there on ESPN Classic). I spent many Saturday afternoons as a kid jumping around on my parent’s couch as a kid getting hit in the face with pillows and seat cushions (our version of the joust) by my older brother. I was definitely psyched to see its return, but I didn’t think I’d be THIS psyched. I missed the first episode Sunday, but finally sat down to watch the second episode last night. It was super cheesy, but amazingly perfect.

Oh, and I think I may have developed a new crush (Shhhhh, don’t tell Sam.)

Gladiator Name: Crush

To be honest, when she was on the joust pedestal, pulled her mouth guard out of her bra, and began destroying the competitor’s face with repeated blows to the skull, my heart melted a little. Despite not being a body building behemoth like the rest of the gladiators, this chick has got some power. Apparently she is a killer Muay Thai fighter too.

My love of spandex-clad athletic chicks aside, this correlation between love of triathlon and AG got my gears turning. Now this is just an idea, but I think American Gladiators and Zoot should do some co-branding effort and make AG themed silver and blue tri-suits. How awesome would that be? Or have special AG races, where you have to compete against The Immovable Helga in the transition area?


Brainstorming 2008 Triathlon Goals

January 4, 2008

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This is clearly the post theme of the week for all the tri-geeks out there. I’m sure you are all bored of them all by now, but I at least need to keep myself accountable so everyone can call me out when I slack off on my training, so pleas bear with me. Plus, it is currently -4 degrees (with the wind chill) here in Boston so I need some sunny thoughts to get me through these winter doldrums. So here are my preliminary goals for the 2008 season (in no real order of probability or importance).

1) Build up at least a respectable base in running/biking/swimming by the time spring comes around and I can start working out outside.

2) Work on my core strength (read: get a 6 pack)

3) Take care of myself and don’t get injured, or at least don’t get hurt doing anything I could have easily avoided.

4) Actually get up to workout when I set my alarm to go off early, instead of just turning it off and sleeping in

5) Bike to work more

6) Finish my first half ironman and do it without feeling miserable or like I under trained

7) Be fast enough on the bike to justify having shaved legs

8) Finish a self-supported IM under 17 hours with a smile on my face (even if it is makes by a lot of pain).

9) Save up for a bike that doesn’t weigh half as much as I do.

10) Smell like chlorine more often.

11) Pick more bugs out of my teeth/helmet vents

12) Race more, have more fun.