Brainstorming 2008 Triathlon Goals

January 4, 2008

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This is clearly the post theme of the week for all the tri-geeks out there. I’m sure you are all bored of them all by now, but I at least need to keep myself accountable so everyone can call me out when I slack off on my training, so pleas bear with me. Plus, it is currently -4 degrees (with the wind chill) here in Boston so I need some sunny thoughts to get me through these winter doldrums. So here are my preliminary goals for the 2008 season (in no real order of probability or importance).

1) Build up at least a respectable base in running/biking/swimming by the time spring comes around and I can start working out outside.

2) Work on my core strength (read: get a 6 pack)

3) Take care of myself and don’t get injured, or at least don’t get hurt doing anything I could have easily avoided.

4) Actually get up to workout when I set my alarm to go off early, instead of just turning it off and sleeping in

5) Bike to work more

6) Finish my first half ironman and do it without feeling miserable or like I under trained

7) Be fast enough on the bike to justify having shaved legs

8) Finish a self-supported IM under 17 hours with a smile on my face (even if it is makes by a lot of pain).

9) Save up for a bike that doesn’t weigh half as much as I do.

10) Smell like chlorine more often.

11) Pick more bugs out of my teeth/helmet vents

12) Race more, have more fun.



  1. Great goals!

  2. i love the ‘pick more bugs’ goal. perfect!

  3. 7) Funny
    11) Tim the tool man taylor would be proud. uugg,uugg,uggg
    second 10) Atah boy

    All) good!

  4. I have a problem with #4 also… I need to work on that!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at a couple races this year.

  5. I love #7!

    And YES, I saw Crush pull her mouthguard out of that happy place! Spectacular!!

  6. […] base building mode for the ‘09 season, I thought it would probably be a good idea to revisit an old post on this year’s goals to see how I did this year before laying down in detail my goals for next year.  Here are the […]

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