Portrait of a Triathlon Geek

January 10, 2008

I’m normally a big fan of running “naked” or just without any heart rate monitors, GPSs, nutrition packs, etc.. and just enjoy being outside and working out. Today we hit a high of 54 degrees in Boston and I couldn’t resist going out for a run and finally get use of all my Christmas goodies, all at once.

I strapped on my new Nuun visor, head lamp, fuel belt, iPod shuffle and heart rate monitor and headed out for a nice 4.5 mile run. It is nice to be wearing shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt in January and still be hot!



  1. Long sleeves! Pffffft.

    Now if only it stays this nice until Springtime. 🙂

  2. NOW, you are officially a real Tri-Geek!!!

    How was the run and how did the belt work?

  3. Nice. Glad to hear that you got to bust out the shorts. I wasn’t that brave but still did a nice little run in the decent weather. How do you like the hydration belt?

  4. The run was great. The pressure from the head lamp and visor left a big red imprint on my forehead by the time I got home, but it kept me from getting run over by a car and that is all I was hoping for.

    I did about 4 miles at a real comfortable 10 minute pace. The belt holds four bottles, but I just brought two, which was plenty. Besides the little bit of extra weight, I didn’t even notice that it was there, which really surprised me. I also liked having my keys in the back pocket so they don’t jingle around and drive me crazy for the whole workout.

  5. Hey… I got a head lamp for x-mas too!
    Take advantage of the good weather now, 55 degrees one day… blizzard the next.
    Nice shirt!

  6. Lucky. It topped out at 0 today.

  7. p.s. Just wanted to let you know that I updated my PSA and about running in the cold and I included your advise at the bottom. Thanks!!

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