Mourning, Selfishness and Lifelong Fitness

January 24, 2008

The blogging has been a little light lately, but I have had trouble finding the time to put down enough coherent thought to express where I am right now. January has proven to be a crazy month so far.

Work can be best described as an utter mess. That is it, just a complete huge mess. But more importantly, I had to deal with the passing of my Grandmother’s sister, and my other Grandmother having a stroke and losing all of the movement on her left side.

Just when you think your life is moving along pretty well, you are the strongest you’ve ever been in the off season for a long time, your career is making steps forward, you’ve got a great apartment with a great girlfriend, and you come down from the high of the holidays and finally digest all that fat and sugar from all those Christmas cookies then, BAM. January hit me like a ton of bricks. Reality sets in and I’m reminded of just how fragile everything that I have is.

It is so tough to see your Grandmother stuck to a wheelchair, especially when she was so active. It was just over a year ago when she was tearing up the dance floor at my brother’s wedding and she spent almost every day this summer swimming, kayaking and going on long walks around her lake house. Thankfully she has made some pretty significant improvements since first having her stroke almost two weeks ago now. Her speech is almost back to normal, and she is slowly gaining movement back into her left arm.

If anything, her amazing spirit has made it easier for me to deal with everything. She is still completely focused on how the family is doing, and won’t stop cracking jokes and giving my Papa a hard time. She has barely missed a beat.

Now this may be a big jump, or may sound cheesy, but for me it is times like these that really renew my commitment to triathlon, or more specifically, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to even compete in this sport, meet so many amazing people, and (hopefully) stay around a few years longer than if I spent all my training time on the couch instead.

I’ve heard a lot of other tri-bloggers talk about how triathlon is inherently a selfish sport. I figure if every hour out on the road or in the water helps me stay healthy and with the people that matter a little longer, they’ve got it completely wrong.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer.  The next post will be a little happier.



  1. No Debbie. This stuff happens. We are HUMAN. Sorry to hear about your grandmother’s sister but I am also glad to hear your grandmother is doing better there. Stay focused on what is important to you. January has been great and not so great for me — all at the same time. February will be here soon. Deep breaths. Sounds like you know what is important to you.

  2. Ahhh man, sorry to hear about all that you have been dealing with. i have a mother with parkinsons and a father with other health issues so i understand. I too could be on the couch, but triathlon is an outlet. use it but don’t abuse it, ya know?

    Best wishes, Jamie.

  3. why aren’t my comments being saved? this is annoying.

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