Sunday Boredom/Speedo Mullet

January 28, 2008

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No. The post title isn’t a reference to some indecent body hair exposure experience at the local pool.

A short bike trainer workout and some time on the balance ball wasn’t enough to keep my mind busy for very long today as the snow outside messed up the rest of my plans. I ended up on this site for custom bathing suits (www.splishcustom.com) playing around with different designs for a while and here is my favorite one that I made so far.

Speedo Mullet

Get it? Mullet?

Business in the front, party in the back? Haha.

Well I thought it was funny and figured that at least TriBoomer would appreciate it. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to order it, but I just wanted to share. Have a good week everybody!




  1. The mullet Speedo rocks, J. I say buy ’em.

    Thanks for the mention in your blog, too.

    Stay tuned…

  2. LOVE it. i seriously hope the gross guys at my gym dont catch wind of this speedo!

  3. I don’t get it?

    Maul it I would get, for the front.

    The back… that’s me afer tacos.

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