Delayed Onset Soreness

February 1, 2008

Is it just me, or is it weird to not get sore from a workout until 2-3 days later?

YES, I’ll admit it. That means that I usually don’t do any tri training for a few days after teaching my Tuesday night spin classes, but damn! Walking up stairs on Thursday/Friday for the past three weeks has been tough.

Maybe I just let myself go too much this off season and forgot what it was like to really push myself. Oh well!



  1. I’ve learned that soreness is kind of like a hangover. If you just keep drinking, it doesn’t happen.

    With that said, I haven’t had a complete day off in over two weeks. I’m kind of afraid to stop at this point…

  2. yes yes, that certainly happens to me, and unfortunately i dont get any days off.


  3. Haha. Good point Chris. Maybe that is what I get for taking too many days off.

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