Triathlon Running Shoe Question Time

February 7, 2008

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Okay kids, so here is a question. I’m sure you’ve seen all the buzz around the Newton and Zoot running shoes, but why don’t triathletes wear racing flats on the run for Olys or sprints? This could be just the inner cross country runner inΒ  me, but aren’t triathletes ignoring the value of having really light and simple racing shoes for the run?

Granted, I’m still completely obsessed by testing out these Newtons


… and these new Zoots


.. but where is the love for traditional racing flats? I’ll have to try and dig up my old pair from high school to see how they hold up during a few sprints this year.




  1. man those shoes are ugly! πŸ™‚

  2. hey let me know if you buy & try the zoots. i saw them and was wondering about them myself…even though i’m slow and it’s so not worth me buying racing shoes. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Sheldon Brown. My sis-in-law now lives in Boston so I hope to visit Harris Cyclery some day.

    Your question about racing flats……..I’ve always avoided racing flats and here is why. for anything over Oly distance the legs are tired after being on the bike and sometimes they need the extra support from regular running shoes. The stable platform helps with the lateral movement that could come from already tires legs.

    Hope this helps. Of course it’s always a person physilogical thing.

  4. i always wear flats for any race shorter than a full marathon and I wear them for all triathlons too except IM.

    Your right about the lightness, I always feel like it’s game time when I put the flats on.

  5. Which Nike’s are pictured – red with black stripe and white swoosh?

  6. The Nike spikes pictured are a part of the Bowerman Series that nike produces, I’m not sure if they are currently making that model, but I race in them at the moment and purchased them last year, so chances are they are still in production although I’m not for certain.

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