Toe Nail Magic Tricks

February 11, 2008

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So I wrote a while back about the black toe nail I got after a long run.

Well since then the blackness went away, but it ended up splitting. Not in half down the middle, but straight across, making two complete and separate nails one on top of the other. Besides looking a little funky, and getting caught on my socks every once and a while, it wasn’t really bothering. That ended this weekend when I was sitting in my room bored, and started thinking what would would happen if I just ripped off the top nail.

I was clearly feeling a little adventurous, and found the perfect tool for the job.


So I took a deep breath, got a good grip with my big honkin’ pliers, and yanked away. Unfortunately it was a little anti-climactic and it just fell off. No pain, no squirting blood, nothing. I was almost disappointed. I was just sitting there on my couch with pliers and a full toe nail.

And who knew under there there would be a completely normal full toe nail still? Weird, eh?




  1. Oh man! That’s not right!!! 🙂

  2. Same thing happened to me… the weird thing is that two months later the new toenail fell off as well, we’ll see if I go three for three.


  4. Damn. I was cringing when you grabbed those pliers. I was expecting pain and blood.

    Never had a black toe nail…..so far….knock on wood.

  5. man, that was “anti-climactic.” 🙂

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