Triathlon Clinics

February 12, 2008

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Even though I’ve only done a hand full of triathlons, I’ve been stalking enough other triathlon bloggers and triathlon forums long enough to feel like I know a lot about training and racing, but only enough to be dangerous. I think that is where I have a lot of room to grow. Too much reading and talking, not enough doing.

This season, I’ve decided to do things a little different, step it up, and take my training a little more seriously. Hell, I might actually use one of those strange “training plans” that I keep hearing about. With that in mind, I found two local triathlon seminars to help me pull together a solid training plan and get my act together for my first 70.3 this summer.

B&S Fitness is putting on a Triathlon Summit at the end of the month with IM World Champion, Karen Smyers which should be a good time. A few of my Wheelworks Multisport teammates should be showing up too, which is always fun.

Then a month later, at the Multisport World Conference and Expo (formerly the New England Triathlon Expo), I’m signed up for a seminar with Joanna Zeiger specifically on training for your first half iron (exactly what I need).

I’m totally stoked about both of these and I’ll see if I can record some of either of them and post up the video if anyone is interested. It should be a pretty stellar season! It is currently 20 degrees outside and bitter cold, but I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can start racing!



  1. I’m not sure you ever announced which 70.3 you were doing! Seeing as Timberman is now sold out, you must have made your choice, one way or another. So….. ? 🙂

    There a clinic up in Methun this weekend, being put on by TriFury and open to all. There’s some good speakers. I will most likely be there. So if you’re not doing anything, you should be too!

    Details on trifury.com

  2. No. I never made my official decision on my 70.3 this year. I was a little bummed that I didn’t decide in time for Timberman, but oh well!

    I’m leaning towards doing the Patriot.

    Thanks for passing along the TriFury event. Free if my favorite number!

  3. I would love to do a tri clinic…but I’m pretty sure completing a triathlon would be a prereq! maybe next summer:) Good luck with training.

  4. sweeet!!!!!!!! may i suggest pumpkinman half ironman?

  5. […] New England Triathlon Summit I spent all day yesterday up in Salem, MA at the New England Triathlon Summit. It was an all day triathlon-athon, if there is such a thing. Eight hours of lectures, training […]

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