New Cell Phone/ Winter Running

February 25, 2008

Yesterday was cold, there was still about 6 or 8 inches on the ground from Friday’s storm, and I was determined to get in a run after getting a big shot of motivation from the triathlon summit on Sunday. So after rushing Sam out of the mall so that I still had some daylight left for running, I strapped up and headed out.

Side Note: Ann Taylor doesn’t let guys sit on the couch outside the changing room area, even though all the little changing rooms have doors and locks. I got shunned by the attendant to the little baby seat outside and around the corner while I waited for Sam to come out for her fashion show. My legs were tired from standing (yes, I admit it, I got tired WALKING around the mall. I’d be less tired if I was running probably) so I sucked it up and just squatted down.

This bench was about a foot and a half off the ground, and I had to push “The Little Engine That Could” book to the side before claiming my spot. All while there was a perfectly good couch just around the corner in the changing room! I sucked it up and didn’t complain, but this is pretty much what I looked like, except with my knees all the way up by my head it was so small.


So back to the run. I was in no mood to try to risk the sidewalk situation since half of them were still covered in snow and ice, so took a trip up the road to the bike path in Arlington to pump out a few miles.


I also just got a new cell phone that lets me take pictures and transfer them to my mac, so be prepared for more pics from the road! Get Excited! More awkward red-faced pictures taken mid-workout are on their way!


I ran 15 minutes out, 14 minutes back(came in a little faster). I hovered around 155-160 bpm, but had a really slow pace since my legs have been feeling really tight lately. I focused a lot on breaking it up with some backward running, scissor kicks, high knees, kick butts and sideways jumping jacks to try to stretch out my sore leg muscles.

I was feeling a little looser by the time I got back to my car, but still did a good 10-15 minutes of self-massage once I got home before I jumped in the shower.

Mmmmmmmmmm self massage. 🙂

It was on my calves! I swear!

That is all. I’ll be out running again tonight and hopefully this tightness in my calves will be on its way out and isn’t the start of an injury.

As the great TriBoomer says…

Stay Tuned!


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  1. I love a little self massage….

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