Double Duty

March 4, 2008

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I usually only teach one Spinning class a week.

There is a class that finishes just before mine starts, but the instructor that teaches that class asked me to sub in for her since she is sick.

I’m a pushover, and needless to say. I am taking over her class.

Now I’ve got to kick random people’s asses twice, IN A ROW?!

I should know better since I should be busy doing base training, but Oh Well! I’ve got a backpack full of PB&J, GU, Clif Bars, Nuun, my bike shorts and some kick-ass new tunes.

Here is to hoping I don’t keel over half way through the second session!


One comment

  1. Hey Jamie,

    Are you going to the Multisport Conference in Cambridge on the 30th? I’m pretty sure I’ll be making an appearance. Bring on the swag!

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