Deep (base training) Thoughts

March 14, 2008

Now that my training is in fully swing, and I’m spending plenty of time out on the road running, on the spin bike, and going back and forth in he pool and I’ve got plenty of quiet time to myself and my thoughts.

My brain tends to go completely random places even when I’m busy, but when I’m staring at my handlebars for an 90 minutes at a time… lets just say I’m glad no once can hear what I’m thinking. Most of my thought trains aren’t worth their own posts, but here is an short list of some of what I think some of my more entertaining and hopefully some of you guys can relate.

  • Fans built-in to treadmills don’t seem so ridiculous when the guy running next to you rips a big juicy one.
  • I never thought to bother washing my heart rate monitor strap, until I smelled it.
  • Running past people smoking makes me feel even better about myself for getting up early and heading out in the cold for a run (except when I can’t escape the smoke trail behind them).
  • I can somehow watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and shop for a new speedo online without feeling the slightest bit gay, but definitely feel like I shouldn’t be so comfortable with it.
  • Morning runs are a little bit lonier when the usual crazy homeless guy that yells gibberish at you as you run by isn’t there. Is it weird to be concerned about a the local crazy?
  • 70.3 miles is a long freaking way to race. I hope I’m ready!


  1. I agree that 70.3 miles is a long way to race. And yes, I think that it is ok to be a little scared of it. Respect the distance and then nail it!

  2. A long way, indeed. My brother, who I’m ultra-competitive with, registered for the UK 70.3 in June then called me and said I’d never beat him, so then I just had to sign up for a half; the Montauk Mightyman in Oct ’08. We’ve competed in Sprints and 1/2 marathons long in the past and I’ve always won, but I’m way out of shape and he’s 13 years younger than me. When I filled in the application online and then pressed “submit” I actually felt a little sick! So, I feel the trepidation…

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