Tales of a leg-shaving triathlete

March 17, 2008

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I did it it.

I had been thinking about it for a little while, but finally sucked it up and took the plunge this weekend. For the record, no, I didn’t do it with some grand expectation of shaving off seconds (or even minutes) on race day, or secretly expecting to have some sexy ripped legs under all that hair (although that wouldn’t be so bad). I didn’t even really care about taking care of the inevitable road rash or making my legs easier to massage after a workout. I decided to take the leap in the shower this weekend as a way of getting a daily dose of training motivation beyond the regular 2 week boost I get after registering for another race.

I’ve also been batting with this idea of actually starting to consider myself as an “athlete” instead of just another guy who works out a lot and does a few races every year. In some weird backwards way this is almost my way of taking that leap from gym rat/runner/recreational cyclist to a full fledged “endurance athlete.”

So, after some deliberation and ensuring myself that leg hair is not what makes me a man, I collected some supplies, and went at it. Thankfully I had prepped with some good advice from the all-wise SteveinaSpeedo.



The Supplies:

I did the best I could with the trimmer before I lathered up and used the razor. I never thought I was really all that hairy, but as my beard trimmer sputtered and coughed all the way up my leg, I had began to think otherwise. It may just be because it is a few years old, but that thing is clearly on its last legs. It practically sparking and smoking as it tried to slice its way through all the hair.

The casualties:


After I did the best I could with the trimmer, and was left with two legs full of stubble, I finished up with the razor. It was then that I started to realize how long of a process this was. I had been in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes already, and was still pretty hairy and prickly!

“Damn, I hope it doesn’t take this long every time!”

The end:


Now, a day later, I’m still finding little hidden hairs along my quad or on the side of my ankle that I somehow missed. Clearly I’m not too good at this leg shaving thing just yet, but I was happy just to have somehow made it through without slicing up my legs and ending up a big bloody mess.



  1. The sputtering smoke was caused by the brave resistance your manly leg hair was putting up! 😉

    Well done, I may end up doing the same anyhow before my IM race as a way to mark the occasion.

  2. I mentioned the Shave Legs triscoop thread to my wife who said, “You can be as gay as you like Sim, as long as you stop short of putting someone’s penis in your bottom.” I’m fairly smooth naturally though…

  3. Well done, sir!

  4. Um, in the first pic, do I see a shadow of your whang? Thang? Dang!

    Yeah, if you stay on top of it (which I have not) it’s much easier than the initial go. Much faster.

    BTW you are a ” full fledged “endurance athlete.” I know it and you do to!

    Now shaaaaaaaaaaaave!!!!!!

  5. Haha. Obviously not any whang shadow, since it didn’t go down to my knee. ZING!

    But I have cropped the pic just in case. so anyone looking for a free peep has lucked out.

  6. Nice job!!! Way to take the plunge!!! I still can’t get all the small littler hairs…

  7. […] triathlon is a weird sport. But just like any other sport, triathlon has its strange little quirks: men shaving their legs, eating tons of food in GU form, peeing on the bike, peeing in your […]

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