Glutton for Zone 1

March 27, 2008

A funny thing happened at spin class on Tuesday…

I came in looking to lead a nice hour long endurance ride.  I know, one hour doesn’t seem like a real “endurance ride” by base training for a half IM standards, but it was longer than my usual class and we stayed in zone 1 and 2, so that counts as “endurance” to me (at least for spin class). And partially, I was just being selfish because I need to get a lot more time in zone 1 for the next few weeks of my base training until I start to kick up the volume/intensity a bit.

After doing some form work/drills and a few long easy hill sets and light sprints, we cooled down, stretched and called it a day.  Now, I’m not sure if this is just me being neurotic, but no one had that big “man I just got my ass handed to me” smile after class, and I like those smiles. They tend to make me feel like I’m actually not too bad at this spin instructor thing.

Honestly people, what part of “burn fat more efficiently” and “cardiovascular strength” don’t you understand?  That is what I told you this ride was for. Be happy. Please?

Oh well, I’m just rambling now about people that probably weren’t even upset with me. But I’m a sucker, so I’ll just have to go back to kicking their ass and handing it to them on a big sweaty platter next week. 🙂



  1. “a big sweaty platter” Thanks for that visual.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. When I first started teaching spinning, my club coordinator gave me this 90-minute sport circuit class. And I was coming into it from an athletic performance perspective, trying to periodize the effort level, get them to a maximum performance. And my numbers fell so low that we actually canceled the class (it’s back now as a 60-minute cycling class).

    The unfortunate truth is that most people who come into a cycling class are looking to have their asses handed to them. They want to hurt. They are masochistic people who like to work out for the pain. And if they don’t feel pain, they don’t feel like they’ve gotten a good workout. Or so it seems to me (this also holds true in my high-intensity water aerobics classes, but not senior fitness classes).

    Anyway, that’s my take on the neurotic mindset of western gym-goers. Good luck with those guys!

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