Spring Time and the weather is cold and rainy…

April 7, 2008

This morning was the first real ride outside and it was great.

After being stuck on the spin bike and trainer WAY too much this winter, it just feels weird to be outside with a bike that actually moves when I turn the handle bars, and has breaks so I can avoid being run over by the crazy traffic along Mass. Ave.

After having to bitch out of a ride when I was too cold a few weeks ago, I had to man up and make sure I came prepared. My ego (and my frozen toes) just couldn’t take two hits like that in two weeks. Thankfully today was a little warmer (mid-40’s) but it ended up raining a little bit throughout the ride. With running I usually follow the “walk outside slightly cool so you’ll warm up in the first two miles” rule. Clearly that doesn’t work with cycling, so I made sure I was nice and cozy and I headed out to meet up a few other team members to start up the ride.

So here is what I packed on, in case anyone is interested. It seemed to work pretty well.


  • scull Cap (with extra head warmer tucked in my back pocket


  • long sleeve winter tech T
  • long sleeve cycling jersey
  • waterproof wind breaker
  • fleece bike gloves


  • bike shorts
  • knee warmers
  • running tights


  • ankle cycling socks
  • knee-high wool socks
  • plastic bags over my socks (to keep the wind from cutting right through my shoes) – They worked great. Trust me.

While it wasn’t fun having to dodge traffic, get all wet and cold, it was just good being back on the roaed again, especially with all the random crap you find out on the road early in the morning. Orange colored cows with long curly hair, piles of shoes along the road out in the middle of nowhere, church traffic jams and a whole bunch of other random junk I don’t even remember.

Overall I clocked about a little over 30 miles at around 15-16 mph. Not too shabby, but I still have a lot of work to do.

Goal for this week: run. Lots.


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