April 15, 2008

Okay, enough of the gay posts. The girlfriend is giving me shit for being lame.

So after an an an 11.5 hour work day, it is alright to skip my swim workout for the night? I didn’t have time to actually eat dinner and get more than a 30 minute swim in. It didn’t make sense getting a 1,000 meter swim in on an empty tank, only to get kicked out by some 17 year old life guard counting the minutes until he can go home.

But honestly, I’m not really “skipping” my workout. I’m just moving it to another day and making today an unexpected day off. All the weekly totals stay the same, but I still feel a little guilty.

If only my boss understood me wanting to actually leave on time so that I can get to the pool in time before it closes. Le Sigh. I just need to find a job that moves around my training schedule.

Also, this is the last week of base training! That means next weeks starts my “build phase” where I’m going to have to step out of Z1 a whole lot more often and do some ass-kicking interval workouts to get ready for Rhode Island in just over 3 months.

Here is my roughly put together weekly training totals since I first started keeping track in the end of February.

I’m really pumped to start riding outside more often, actually getting some pavement underneath my tires and actually see some sun! I’m tired of being all white!


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